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Weekend – between Trieste and Opatija (2 days)

Day one: Trieste – Opatija
On the abandoned railway route we will leave Trieste Bay on our bikes. Over the peaks of Čičarija and their views of Istria and the sea we will make our way on single trails all the way to National Park Učka, and then we will descent through the park to the town of Opatija and camping site by the sea, where we will have a wonderful dinner in a nice company.

Day two: Učka – Trieste
After breakfast and morning coffee we will drive with a transport vehicle to Poklon (900 m), from where we will, on the east side of Čičarija, meet its abandoned villages and have a snack in the original tavern. Over Slavnik we will make our descent through the labyrinth of hidden paths and single trails all the way to our starting point in Trieste.

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