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Where Time Has Stopped

Explore the forests of Čičarija and god-forsaken villages riding across well-kept cart tracks

Let's run away to nature! And if we do this in Čičarija, the road will take us across its highest peak Slavnik (1028m), which offers two possible circular tours that can even be joined into one by more experienced cyclists. By descending down to the eastern part of Čičarija we enter a more wooded karst terrain. It offers a labyrinth of cart tracks winding through small villages all the way to the hill Žabnik (1056m). And it is up to you whether you want to go back to the starting point or perhaps embark on a journey towards the west Čičarija up to the karst edge that offers a view of the sea. Intertwined cart tracks and footpaths create a perfect atmosphere for fun cycling, whereas history enthusiasts can visit the Church of the Holy Trinity with the Dance of Death frescoes, the bell tower in Kubed and the old church in Zanigrad from the late Roman period.

Length: from 40 – 75 km, 5 – 9 hours

Safety is our number one priority, so put a helmet on your head, and make sure you equip your backpack with 1.5 litres of liquid, a chocolate or energy bar, a spare inner tube and an inner tube sealant set!

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