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From the Gulf of Trieste to Cold Beer

By bike across a labyrinth of footpaths of the canyon valley in the Italian karst to Slovenian beer

In this cycling tour you will get to know a small part of the Italian and Slovenian karst. Due to its natural diversity, this part of the region is a popular choice for local cyclists. Our tour starts in one of Italian border villages and then continues along the karst edge above Trieste, where we are accompanied by a picturesque view of the Gulf of Trieste. We descend down to the canyon valley of the river Glinščica, which offers marked footpaths that take us to the remains of old mills and the ancient Roman water supply system. Over a deserted railway route, with numerous tunnels and a view of the valley, we climb up to Kozina only to enjoy a sip of excellent home-made beer in the local brewery. After making our ascent to the border hill Kokoš (670m) all there's left to do is enjoy a fun ride down towards the starting point.

Length: 40 – 60 km, 4 – 7 hours

Safety is our number one priority, so put a helmet on your head, and make sure you equip your backpack with 1.5 litres of liquid, a chocolate or energy bar, a spare inner tube and an inner tube sealant set!

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