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Green, How I Want You Green

Through the Trnovo forest, a forest with a capital F, to various peaks following densely intertwined forest trails

The route runs across the Trnovo forest, a plateau situated on an altitude of about 1000m. It is renowned among the locals as a popular recreation spot. In warmer seasons it is perfect for hiking and cycling. The routes are selected from a network of cycling routes among Lokve, Čaven (1241m) and Mali Golak (1495m). More experienced cyclists can opt for a climb to the cabin on Nanos (1240m), which offers a view of the sea and even of the highest Slovenian peak Triglav. From the cabin we can either go down to a known tourist farm on the plateau and continue our way to the Vipava valley or choose a more challenging route to Razdrto. The hike across the virgin forest will fill our lungs with clean air.

Length: 40 – 70 km, 4 – 8 hours

Safety is our number one priority, so put a helmet on your head, and make sure you equip your backpack with 1.5 litres of liquid, a chocolate or energy bar, a spare inner tube and an inner tube sealant set!

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