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In the Cold Kingdom of Karst caves

Getting to know the karst underwater world cycling our way across footpaths

The natural splendours of Karst have not only formed on the surface, but they have also been shaped by groundwater. Here you can find numerous caves of extreme significance that are also accessible to tourists. Our route will take us to the karst cave Petnjak, the Divača caves and the Škocjan caves, which were also entered on the UNESCO’s list of world natural heritage sites. We will also climb to the hill Vremščica (1027m) that serves as a fantastic sightseeing point and offers a view of extensive pastures intended for sheep farming. Home-made cottage cheese and delicious cheese made in the local cheese dairy will fill you up with new strength that you will most likely have lost on your way up to the very top.

Length: 35 – 45 km, duration 5 – 7 hours

Safety is our number one priority, so put a helmet on your head, and make sure you equip your backpack with 1.5 litres of liquid, a chocolate or energy bar, a spare inner tube and an inner tube sealant set!

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