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At Adriaction Outdoor Tours we collaborate with BOA, who are specialized in canyoning. We believe that professional guides with an international CIC license (Commission International de Canyon), proper equipment, in-depth knowledge of the canyons and a good relationship with the people and nature is the key to our success. In most cases we take one tour per day to avoid the pressure of time, which enables us to devote our complete attention to the guests.

We don’t perceive canyoning solely as an adrenalin sport or a visit to the aqua park in nature, but rather as a complete experience in an unspoiled and wild natural habitat.

Far from the comfort and protection of the urban world, which offers the illusion of invulnerability and importance, we stand on the edge of a waterfall feeling uncertain and frightened before we descend. Here we face ourselves, we become aware of our weakness and come to realize how and why we love life. These feelings take over everyone. We realize how small and unimportant we are compared to the magnificent nature. We are in awe of its beauty and realize why it is so important to keep it unspoiled.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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