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We are the group of sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. If you too like sports and nature, we invite you to join us. We have prepared interesting adventures that you can attend by yourself or with friends and family. Our programme includes mountain biking, canyoning, spelunking, trekking, and scuba diving in the areas of Posočje, Slovenian and Italian Karst, Brkini, Čičarija, and Croatian Istria. We will adjust the difficulty to your knowledge and physical condition. We will also make sure that you will have a pleasant experience in nature and in sports and at the same time you will upgrade your skills. You can choose between tours for one or more days or during the weekends. We are all skills guides with appropriate licenses and, which is even more important, we are adaptable, complaisant, and at home on the terrains where we operate.

In short, you will not be bored in our company!

Adriaction Outdoor Tours special promotional tour week!

Monday to Sunday promotional tour week for only 180 €! Guided daily tours, sleeping, breakfast and dinner included!


MTB Park Kranjska Gora

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